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What Are They Really Saying? Digging down into your Focus Group Data

On February 16, 2021

In this event, we discuss the development and implementation of an analysis of international survey data into digging into focus group data using QDA Miner and WordStat. We begin by discussing the context of the research, including the nature and scope of the data, the theoretical context, overarching objectives and research questions, and outcome requirements. We then describe the iterative development of the analysis plan and how we sought to ensure an appropriate balance between the interpretive value of human researchers and harnessing the power of software tools to facilitate efficient and valid analysis. We discuss selected analytic tasks, illustrating how they were undertaken using WordStat and QDA Miner tools, and discussing the usefulness of the tools for different stages of the project. We include discussion of some of the new features available in the latest versions of the softwares.

Presenter: Dr. Abby Jones

Organiser: Provalis Research, Canada



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