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[Webinar]: HOMER Front Modelling Software: Maximise the Revenue of Utility-Scale Energy Storage

Utility-scale renewable energy project developers face growing competition amid the increasing need to supply clean energy reliably. By adding dispatchable resources and developing stand-alone storage projects, developers can offer new revenue generating services and strengthen system reliability. But economic success requires optimizing numerous techno-economic variables — like variable generation, fluctuating energy markets, decreasing battery capacity and long-term service.

The challenge calls for a tool that rapidly simulates complex variables and provides accurate results. HOMER Front provides the solution.

In this information-packed webinar you will discover:

- The critical role of hybrid and stand-alone energy storage in clean energy transition

- How HOMER Front empowers you to successfully address the challenges of:

Serving multiple market factors including PPAs, capacity markets, energy markets

Determining the optimal system’s battery size, chemistry, augmentation strategy

Assessing economic viability of a project

Designing and optimising a system to maximise revenue

- The value of robust battery modelling capabilities

Join presenters David Mintzer, Steffi Klawiter and Christina Duong as they illuminate the path to successfully designing complex, utility-scale hybrid and stand-alone energy storage projects.

Post from: May 12, 2022

Run-time: 56 mins

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