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Next-Generation 2D River Flood Modelling Software

GeoHECRAS: advanced engineering and environmental modelling software for civil engineers worldwide. 

For consulting engineering organisations, public utilities, government agencies, and educational universities to engineer, design and build the world’s infrastructure.

Empower engineers to competitively plan, manage, design, operate, and sustain highly efficient and reliable infrastructure systems.

GeoHECRAS - to reconfigure and reimagine the segregated and expensive solutions of yesterday. Engineering application that makes the engineering process more stream-lined, integrated and intuitive. Little wonder that professionals around the world have become quick converts.



Natural Water System

GeoHECHMS greatly speeds up the creation, analysis, and review of stormwater models. It automates subbasin delineation, curve number (CN) computation using land use and soils maps, and lag time (time of concentration) computation.


GeoHECHMS is a data wrapper to the industry-standard US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-HMS software using an AutoCAD compatible graphical user interface.


Quickly compare different scenarios and alternatives, such as pre-development conditions with different post-development designs.


Rapidly construct, design, analyse and compare detention and retention ponds. Both US and metric (SI) units are supported.

HEC-HMS Workflow Automation Speeds Up Your Engineering Projects

GeoSTORM is a sophisticated engineering software that supports numerous stormwater hydrology models and methods within a 2D and 3D AutoCAD, MicroStation, and GIS environment.


GeoSTORM greatly speeds up the process of creating, analyzing, and reviewing urban and rural stormwater models. It can be used to analyze both simple and complex stormwater systems.

Create, analyse and review urban and rural stormwater models
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