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[Webinar] PEER and HOMER: Determining the resilience of your hybrid system

By Henry Hunsinger on March 29, 2021

To win financial and stakeholder support for your hybrid power project, it’s critical to prove value, reliability and resilience. But demonstrating project value from feasibility through completion is difficult.

Katherine Hammack, GBCI Director of Special Projects, will present the PEER Program, which aims to transform the power sector just as LEED transformed the building sector. PEER – or performance excellence in electricity renewal – is a rating system that evaluates a power system’s reliability and resilience performance post construction.

Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D., UL Global Microgrid Lead and Founder HOMER Energy by UL, will show how HOMER modelling software enables you to validate at the feasibility stage that your proposed hybrid power system is the least-cost solution.

Together, these solutions are best practices for developing distributed energy resources. If you would like, you can access the slide decks used by both PEER and HOMER.



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