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[Webinar] ODH|CPLEX Solver Webinar

GAMS/ODHCPLEX is a solver from Optimization Direct Inc. that implements a set of heuristic methods (named ODHeuristics) for finding feasible solutions to Mixed Integer Programming (MIP and MIQCP) models that uses IBM CPLEX as its underlying solver engine. It is designed for large-scale models which a MIP solver would find intractable: either by it being unable to find feasible solutions at all or; more usually, by being unable to find feasible solutions of adequate quality in the time available to its user.

It is intended for users who are familiar with MIP modelling and have some knowledge of using the GAMS/CPLEX solver. GAMS/ODHCPLEX does not demand expert specialism in this field.

In this webinar, the main developer of ODH|CPLEX and president of Optimization Direct, Robert Ashford, gives an overview of the benefits of the solver and shows how to use it with GAMS, based on a nurse scheduling problem.

This webinar has been recorded in February 2021.

Dr. Ashford has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. from Warwick Business School. He has authored over 20 academic papers in Optimization. Robert co-founded Dash Optimization in 1984. Helped pioneer the development of new modelling and solution technologies – the first integrated development environment for optimization – in the forefront of technology development driving the size, complexity and scope of applications. Dash was sold in 2008 and Robert continued leading development within Fair Isaac until the Fall of 2010, Dr. Ashford subsequently, co-founded Optimization Direct in 2014.



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