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[Webinar] De-Risking Microgrids & DERs in Australia – System Design, Safety & Bankability

By Henry Hunsinger on January 22, 2021

Hybrid power systems, whether as remote microgrids or grid-connected distributed energy systems are integral to the future of Australia’s rapidly evolving energy landscape. But hybrid power systems require financing, and financiers seek projects that offer low risk. This webinar examines the challenges of designing, building, and operating hybrid power systems that incorporate both renewable resources and storage. Expert panelists discuss best practice design choices and cost-effective operation and maintenance.

Webinar Presenters:

  • Peter Lilienthal, Ph.D., HOMER Energy founder & Global Microgrid Lead, UL

  • Farhad Mollahagahi, Head of Country, Australia & New Zealand, UL Renewables

  • James Trudeau, Global Business Development Manager, Integrated Energy Systems, UL

  • David Mintzer, Head of Microgrid Advisory Services, UL



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