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On-Demand webinar
A Simple First GAMS Model

About this event

Part One of GAMS Introductory Video Series

In this video we look at a simple first GAMS model about vintage cars and trucks.

Components: variables, equations, model and solve statement

Concepts: scaling, variable bounds, .lst file, .gdx file


Presenter:Thomas I. Maindl


Duration: 15 minutes

A Simple First GAMS Model

Webinar date: On-Demand

(registration required)

May Learning Fest

As part of our long-term commitment to promote learning initiatives on our various software brand offerings in the Indian market, we offer intermittent access to popular courses on various softwares. 

During this month, we are giving away complimentary access to some courses on GAMS software on UDEMY. This will be given to the first 3 registrants for the On-Demand GAMS webinar who express their interest by opting for a choice of the UDEMY courses available (which is mentioned in the registration form).

Please mail us on for queries or clarifications in this regard.

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