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Join the HOMER Energy, USA engineering team for a HOMER Grid webinar.

Successfully forecast EV charging revenue and cost in 7 easy steps with HOMER Grid.

With UL Solutions HOMER Grid, is a market-leading solar-plus-storage software tool for designing grid-tied distributed energy systems. With an integrated utility tariff database and a new module for electric vehicle charging stations, it optimizes peak shaving to help commercial and industrial utility customers lower their demand charges. HOMER Grid can model projects with wind and combined heat and power as well as islanded systems, helping users improve their resiliency. Explore your opportunities with HOMER Grid during a complimentary trial. Learn more and download your complimentary trial.


Join the HOMER software team to discover how to take the guesswork out of forecasting electric vehicle (EV) charging revenue and costs in this short webinar. As EV sales surge, the future of EV charging-equipped parking potentially is paved with economic opportunity. But it’s not as easy as installing direct-current fast charging and getting the needed power supply.

Distributed renewable generation-plus-storage systems often offer a quicker, better and less costly solution than power grid upgrades. But how do you evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of adding distributed renewable energy-powered charging stations?

In this complimentary webinar, you will see how to quickly design, analyze and forecast the revenue and cost of EV charging in seven easy steps with robust, easy-to-use HOMER® Grid modeling software.

Register below to learn:


  • How to maximize EV charging ROI.

  • The ease of importing utility tariffs and incentive programs for your location.

  • When on-demand versus managed charging is more efficient.

  • The value of running 100s of what-if scenarios within minutes to find the least-cost and best solution for you.

  • The power of modeling software to quickly provide actionable insights, reduce analysis and decision-making time and enable a faster time-to-project-completion or sale.

Visit our Utilities & Energy page to learn more about the softwares HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid. For more such webinars in our archives, please visit our Resources page. 

HOMER Pro & HOMER Grid - Demonstration

Friday,  September 28, 2023

10.00 pm to 10.45 pm IST

HOMER Grid Webinar
Electrify your Parking Lot

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Leah Ringo, Customer Service Group Leader, UL Solutions
Parangat Bhaskar, Product Manager, HOMER software, UL Solutions
Sara Pattison, Technical Product Support Engineer, UL Solutions

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