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Discover the latest in optimising microgrid design.


Join the HOMER Energy, USA engineering team for a walk through of the flagship products HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid. There will be an opportunity for live questions.

The HOMER Pro microgrid software from HOMER Energy, USA is the global standard for robust hybrid microgrid optimisation modelling for all sectors. HOMER Pro provides insight into the complexities and tradeoffs of designing cost-effective, reliable microgrids or distributed energy resources. HOMER Pro models hybrid systems that combine conventional and renewable energy, storage and load management, driving informed decisions so you can design your systems with confidence.


With HOMER Grid, you can intelligently design and optimise behind-the-meter systems, reduce demand charges, improve resiliency, integrate EV charging and model CHP. HOMER Grid combines engineering and economics to rapidly perform complex calculations enabling you to compare design outcomes and consider options for minimizing project risk and reducing energy expenditures.


This demonstration on HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid software is being conducted by HOMER Energy, USA's engineering team for renewable energy. The content for the session would include the following:

  • What is HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid?

  • What do they do?

  • Major markets and applications served

  • Licensing options

​Visit our Utilities & Energy page to learn more about the softwares HOMER Pro and HOMER Grid. For more such webinars in our archives, please visit our Resources page. 


HOMER Pro & HOMER Grid - Demonstration

Monday, April 17, 2023
12.30pm to 1.30pm

Demonstration Series

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