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On-Demand webinar
Introduction to EPPI-Reviewer Web
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About this event

This webinar introduces a range of features of EPPI-Reviewer Web, including:

  • EPPI-Reviewer admin and accessing help

  • Logging in and basic navigation of EPPI-Reviewer Web

  • Importing reference

  • Managing duplicates

  • Adding and editing coding tools/codes

  • Creating coding assignments

  • Line-by-line PDF coding

  • Applying the exclusion flag / officially excluding items

  • Generating reports and PRISMA flow diagrams

  • EPPI-Visualiser and EPPI-Mapper

Presenter: Melissa Bond, EPPI-Reviewer Support Officer
Language of Instruction: English
Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes

Introduction to EPPI-Reviewer Web

On-Demand (registration required)

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