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We offer solutions to customers in the agricultural and natural resources vertical - on offer are our geospatial, data analytics and hydrological modelling solutions.

Application of remote sensing with a focus on plant specific information to provide information on crop development, fertilizer equipment, water use, pesticide application, weed control, soil moisture, soil structure and nutrient management. For this purpose, most likely a combination of satellite information and UAVs will be used.


Forestry is a complex field that analyzes conditions in wooded areas to determine how best to utilize land, preserve ecosystems or efficiently plan harvests. GIS technologies help map out important details like annual rainfall, minimum and maximum temperatures, length and severity of the dry season and more.

ICAR institutions that benefit from such applications are: 

  • Deemed universities such as IARI, NDRI 

  • Institutes such as CAZRI, CIFRI, CIAE, IASRI, IISS, IIWM, NRRI etc

  • National Research Centres

  • Bureaus such as NBPGR, NBFGR etc.

  • Directorates/Project Directorates such as DWR etc.

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